May 30, 2007


Every Memorial Day weekend the Seattle Center becomes an enormous folk festival, with thousands of volunteer performers and tens of thousands of happy folkies. This year my choir Dunava sang outdoors on Saturday evening. If it's sunny, the crowds are bigger outside. But the competition from other stages and random busking musicians is fierce. Luckily, our audience loved our set. You can hear us here.

On Sunday morning Rik and I attended the annual fundraising breakfast for Northwest Folklife, the organization that sponsors the festival. This is our third year attending, and I KNOW that I can raise more money following the Benevon fundraising model. After all, I've done so for my synagogue three years running. It irks me no end that Folklife doesn't follow the model accurately enough. I liken it to baking a cake: if you leave out the chocolate, you may end up with cake, but it won't be chocolate cake.

Went back on Sunday night for the Balkan participatory dance and pravo'd till my toes hurt. It was great fun to be able to dance to live music from talented musicians.

You gotta love Folklife!

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