February 16, 2007

My doc is famous!

I saw the oncologist this week and he told me he’d been discovered by KING 5 TV.

Dr. G is part of Minor and James, and they now offer doctor profiles on line. The idea being that you can search who is out there and pick a doc based on what s/he looks and sounds like in a short video (as well as more usual criteria).

Want to hear Dr. G’s story?. He talks about his father, a survivor of the Treblinka death camp, and his daughter’s treatment for leukemia, as well as his medical philosophy.

What does this have to do with KING 5? Anchorwoman Jean Enersen heard about the Minor and James profiles and then interviewed Dr. G as part of a story on how people now choose their doctors. Read Jean’s story.

The best news is that the tamoxifen appears to be working so well that I don’t have to see Dr. G for three months!

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